I know what some of you are thinking. Pentathlon, really?  It's not a sport that immediatly comes to mind when thinking of the Olympic Games. In fact, I bet most of you couldn't name the five sports in this event. I dare you, without Googling it. Take a guess.

I'll wait...

You get some of them? If you got all 5 then you get a gold star. So what are they?


Riding - Horses



Shooting - Air pistol

It's quite a combo, isn't it? And many people think it is an outdated sport that represents old school values and skills. These were, in the early 1900s, considered all the skills needed to be a "modern" soldier. 

Now times has changed, yes, I agree, and there is a growing call to elliminate this sport and event in future Olympics. I kindly, disagree. There is a reason why I picked a Pentathlete to be a part of Team Earth in the Universe Olympics. 

Why? It is simple: Adaptation. When you look at the pentathlon and anyalize what it does; It pushes a person to master all terrains - water & land, and use tools - pistol & foil - and ride a horse picked a random. So what does this create? A human being who pushes their body physically on land and in water, (and "technically" air with the pistol) to mentally adapt by using an instrument or tool, and by riding the horse, mastery over an uncontrolled object - with a mind of its own.

For me, as a science fiction writer and an very amateur social scientist, this sport forces human beings to become masters of adaptation. Most other sports - soccer, tennis, skiing, etc... have specific skill sets adapted for one terrain, (pool, land, snow) one tool, (a ball, a racket, or board) or one uncontrollable object (boat, sled, and horse.)

Now Onorina, our Universe Olympic pentathlete, is one of these extraordinary individuals. She is a master of adaptation. She is a master of all terrains, tools, and objects. She is one of the best athletes on planet Earth. So, naturally, I put her in Space. Because this is what the Universe Olympics is about: it takes the skills of the best of humanity and puts them to the test with each event. And Oni's race is the greatest so far! Pushing the limits of human imagination and adaptation. It's about to get hot, hot HOT!

Please join the adventure in Chapters 7 & 8 out soon!

Amanda Dubin, author of Universe Olympics

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Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon

Is anyone else so excited for the next Winter Olympics?

Up next is South Korea in February of 2018, now that seems far away, but really it isn't. It will be here in a flash! Most winter Olympians are already getting ready for trials which are around the corner.

And included in the Universe Olympic solar system is a Snow Planet! It's the furthest planet of the four in the Games Arena. Why? It has to be cold of course. It can't be close to the Universe Olympic Flame Sun!

And Team Earth has MANY winter sport athletes getting ready for the snow Planet! One of them is Margit the Biathlete from Norway!

Cross-Country skiing and the Biathlon are two very intriguing sports in the snow, and two of the oldest. To me these sports are about endurance, like the marathon, and with the Biathlon add in the mix of target shooting.

And Margit is an incredible human being. She's as smart as a whip, and even smarter. Being one of the most intelligent members of Team Earth she doesn't miss much and is a valuable member of the group. Margit is strong, smart, commanding and observant. I can't wait to get to the Snow Planet and see her event!

- author, Amanda Dubin of Universe Olympics

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Why is swimming so beloved in the Olympics?
It's almost always first up and one of the most watched events at the Olympics. In truth it's one of my favorites, probably because it's my main form of exercise, so I'm biased. And I have to tell you every time I jump in the water I smile, inside not outside because I'd get water in my mouth. I feel exhilaration in the water. It's a type of freedom you don't feel on the ground.
That's why our swimmer Amy Ride is one of the cornerstones of the Universe Olympic Team. And I want to tell you a secret... since you've been kind enough to read this far. She's up first. It just felt like the right thing to do and truthfully what competition was in my mind. And her swimming event on the ocean planet is a doozy. She is put through the ringer, literally and figuratively. If you were thinking it was going to be a "normal" swim along the surface of the water, boy are you in for a surprise. And so was she. It's an Odyssey, but so are the Universe Olympics. So get ready. Chapter 6, Day 1 of events is here, and you and Amy can start the Universe Olympics together!
-Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics
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Jamaican Bobsled

Surely it's a joke? Having a Jamaican Bobsledder on the Universe Olympic Team from Earth.

No, it's not a joke, in fact I did it for a very good reason, every athlete take heart...

I picked a Jamaican Bobsledder for a reason. A very good reason, so once you are done with your quick snicker, most do, let's get down to the brass tacks. These men are superb athletes that perform on the world stage. Yes, they don't win much, or have ever, but to every competitor out there winning is not ALWAYS the point or even the main goal. There's another lesson here and this Jamaican team, what they do, who they are, and where they are from defy all the odds! What these men represent is the living embodiment that despite your background, no matter how crazy it may seem, you reach for a goal and never give up. It's human perseverance. Plain and simple. .

So after you have a laugh let's get going with Ramon Stead. The man built like Hercules with the kind heart. Let him join you in your quick laugh, he does because of his quick wit, but let him prove to you WHY he represents the best of Team Earth. He is the best of humanity.

- Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics

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Have you fallin' in love with Stoke the Jam Townsend yet? I have!

In Universe Olympics he is one of the loudest voices. A spry young man who loves his snowboard and skateboard with all his heart; It's an extension of his being. He's very vocal and out there, but don't be fooled by his bombastic behavior, inside there is the pure heart of a Buddhist monk. He isn't the easy fall, cliched American teen, so don't ever be fooled by appearances. Ambassador Liew picked Stoke, picked every Human on Team Earth, for a reason, not just for their superior athletic skills. The Universe Olympic Games are demanding and will bring out the best in what it means to be Human.

Stoke the Jam Townsend is one of my favorite people on the Universe Olympic Team, besides the McQuenzy Twins, and as we approach his snowboarding event on the Snow Planet, his spirit will shine through even more!

- Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics


Surfing in the Universe Olympics and now the Earth's Olympics! I can't TELL you how jazzed I am about this! Are You?

You see, it was a bet I made, long before in March of 2016. I bet, or rather I guessed, that the IOC would include Surfing in future Olympic Games. Luckily, I guessed correctly. The IOC announced just days before the 2016 Rio Olympics that Surfing was going to be in the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games. Actually, both with Surfing, and Sport Climbing my other bet, will be included. And to anyone participating these sports it's a big "DUH! of course" moment. But for me I wasn't sure. 

I have to be honest with you, I cried, literally cried, when the IOC announced, Surfing, and Sport Climbing, among the few new sports included in the Olympics for the foreseeable future. Why did I cry? Well, I was elated my guess was correct, but most importantly that Ari Foxx, the Surfer from Micronesia, will have her story told and validated by it now being included in future Earth Olympics. 

Ari is one of the most interesting people on the Team. As a Surfer she has a Zen master calmness and ability to read and be one with nature. She is an old soul but with a youthful exuberance. I'm so thrilled to be the FIRST to have Surfing in ANY Olympics, be in Earth's or the Universe Olympics. I feel a great responsibility to every Surfer, by being first, to get it right! I can't wait to get Ari on the Water Planet, on her Longboard and see the Universe Olympic Breaks!

- Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics


Are you curious about Pappie Rapperhand yet? The Universe Olympic Triathlete from Great Britain?

He is another exemplary human on Team Earth. Pappie, as he is known, is as clever as they come, with the spirit of a champion. It's been fun slowly getting to know him and his wit, along with his truly resolute love of England and The Big Ben clock, that he refers to as the Heart of England.

I'm still in the process of getting to know him through the story. He already has a watchful eye over his other younger teammates while emanating the British spirit of the Lion Heart. Also he likes to be "First." First in the Triathlon, First in the queue, First at everything. It's a pride point for him, allowing him to set the example.

I look forward to getting to know Pappie as we continue Chapter by Chapter and when we reach the Triathlon on the mixed terrain planet I foresee he will prove to be the best Humanity and Team Earth has to offer.

- Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics


Who's the fastest woman ever? It's Flo-Jo, of course.

You may have been wondering why I'm always using pictures of Florence Joyner as Inspiration for Universe Olympics. It's very simple. She is the fastest woman, even 30 years after the 1988 Olympics, no woman has beaten her time. She is still the fastest on planet Earth. 

For me it was innate choice to have Flo-Jo in my mind when imagining the fastest woman on planet Earth in 2034.

Jenefer Washington Lee of Universe Olympics is the only other woman to beat Flo-Jo's sprint time and world record. JWL as she is known on her social media is just as dynamic and flamboyant a personality. She is a natural leader and will soon take that position on Team Earth. I love this woman so much. She is no nonsense, fierce, with the heart of a Tiger. Or rather a Cheetah since she's almost as fast as one.

I can't wait for Jenefer's event on the mixed terrain planet in the Universe Olympic Arena, and what she's planning on doing with her nails, like Flo-Jo. I hope she inspires you as well and you continue to join us as we move forward in this adventure!

- Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics

Synchro Swimming

Are you a secret lover of synchronized swimming? Wondering how in the world these women perform ballet, underwater, and upside down, all while holding their breath? Then you, like me, will find Josie and Jodie McQuenzy the proverbial heart of Universe Olympics.

The twins have taken over my world. Literally. These young Australians, much to my surprise even as the writer, have loud voices and opinions. They are a force to be reckoned with and goodness help anyone, Human or Alien, who gets in their way. So naturally they are my favorite characters. I love the dynamic between these sisters, knowing someone always has your back, and the strength that brings Team Earth in the Universe Olympics.

While they are in a sport that doesn't receive as much mainstream attention as it should, personal opinion here, these ladies are the best humanity has to offer. They have integrity, strength, humor, character, and truth... maybe a little too much truth that borders on rude. 

I love these ladies, and as you know from Chapter 4 in the Water Qualification round, these two shine as the best of Earth and as we approach their synchronized swimming event on the Water Planet, the twins spirit will shine through even more!

- Amanda Dubin, author Universe Olympics

Rock Climbing

For those of you Sport Climbers, or Rock Climbers as I often called them, this is an exciting moment! 

The Sport is going next level, not only with being included in Earth's Olympics but first it's true debut will be in the Universe Olympics. It's an exciting time and much deserved recognition for an extraordinary sport.

I am elated that, again, I took the gamble that Climbing with be included in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But this was a more certain "thing" for me at least, knowing how much the Japanese love Sport/Rock Climbing.

Naturally, that led to the inclusion of Yogitako Sito as the Climber on TeamEarth. Sito, as he prefers to be called is the quiet giant. Not in stature but in is want to climb giant mountains and terrain. He is a man of few words, only speaking when his words count the most. But do not be fooled by our "Quiet Giant" inside his heart shines red as the Land of the Rising Sun.

I look forward to finding out more about Sito as he competes in his event on the rock terrain planet, like Mars, in the U. O. Arena. And I hope you all will join us as we continue on this Universe Olympic Adventure.

- Amanda Dubin, author of Universe Olympics